Web Development

We create appealing, user-friendly websites tailored to your business or personal needs.

We believe that building a website is a wonderful process of thought, imagination, creativity and goal setting. It is like magic, creating a spell from thought.

We make an effort to understand your business and your needs, you are unique – and so is your Website! Meow!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The most important thing in SEO is knowing search engines’ ranking factors – such as keywords & content, engagement & traffic, or domain-level brand metrics – to make sure your website is seen as relevant and popular by search engines. Here are the basics that you need to know to understand how SEO works.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has changed how brands communicate with their audiences forever. 

Whether yourrrr business is a B2B or B2C brand, social media is a powerful way to build brand awareness, build a positive image, and drive lead generation. More than 1 billion people use social media every day(mostly to take pictures of us,cats), and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat have sophisticated advertising platforms that can help you grow your audience and target your crowd in a verrrry efficient way.

Our data-driven approach ensures that you understand the true ROI of your social media efforts and our team works tirelessly to improve the return on yourrrr investment in social media. Meow!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

More than 60% of website traffic starts with a search engine query. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) puts your brand at the top of search results for queries relevant to your brand and audience. This valuable advertising real estate can provide an immediate source of targeted traffic to yourrrr website, driving conversions and contributing to revenue growth.

Our PPC services include:

As true marketing Cats, we have extensive experience leveraging PPC to drive growth for our clients. Our approach to PPC is data-driven, which allows us to deploy campaigns that focus on efficiency and constant imprrrrovement. Meow!

E- Commerce

Ecommerce allows you to buy and sell products on a global scale, twenty-four hours a day without having the overheads of a physical store – and without you needing to leave the warm comfort of yourrrr home! One of the key features of any successful ecommerce store is good user experience and without taking care of this one aspect, you’re in an uphill battle to drive sales!

So how do you provide great user experience? Primarily this comes down to your website design and good store management!

We build custom e-commerce sites with great CMS. Our cats are versatile in many popular platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento etc and our goal is to beat every competitor rat in the process.



Instead of only focusing on your required service – we like to observe and share our ideas and thoughts about every aspect of your marketing field.

We provide another perspective, a clear unbiased and trained eye for business development.

We love to innovate, to create and think about practical and new solutions for any business. Marketing should be fun and explorational. With our process we have FUN and we bring results!

Because remember, if you’re not having fun, it’s not worth it!

The greatest part in it? It’s totally free! To tailor your Bonanza marketing solutions, we gather enough data either way – and sice transparency is one of our core values, we’ll happily share with you what we find out.

Remember, your success is our success!

Become a Lion in your field and contact us to know more!

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